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Funding Your Trip

How to help fund your Hands Of Humanity expedition:

Lack of funds shouldn't stop you from volunteering on a humanitarian expedition whether you are 18 or 80. You'd be surprised to find out how many people are willing to donate to you to complete your journey. You just need a little planning and the ability to ask people! Put together a fundraising plan and follow through.

1. Friends and family - Put together a list of everyone that knows you. Email is fine but a old fashioned handwritten letter is best.

2. Workplace or School - Co-workers, colleagues and fellow students are excellent sources of fundraising. Your shool may have resources available. Your boss can write off the donation against their business.

3. House of worship - Chances are the people you pray with will be very supportive of your desire to help people. Start with your religious leader

4. Local civic groups - Groups like the Rotary, PTA and others are an excellent source of funding.

5. Fundraise - if you are ambitious, you can hold a fundraiser. There's lots of good info and ideas on the web about fundraising.