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5 Effective Traits of Volunteers

There are 5 certain characteristics that you need to develop in order to make yourself an effective volunteer thereby enhancing your experience as well as of those around you:

1. FLEXIBILITY - You must be flexible. Things will inevitably not always go as planned. Even under the best of circumstances, and no matter how hard we try, things will go awry. Usually they are small things and you need to remember that its nothing more than a reflection of our own lives too :)

2. PATIENCE - You need to be patient and go slowly. As much as we would all like to, we cannot and will not change the world overnight. Remember always that your contribution is a small part of a larger contribution. You may not always see the immediate effects of your work, but it is an important and critical part of the big picture.

3. OPENNESS - Respect and tolerance are essential for international volunteers. You will be going into unfamiliar situations that you may not understand right away. Be willing to see things through others eyes. You may have the opportunity to do things you've never done before and it may feel uncomfortable at first. Take a chance....walk in somebody else's shoes. Remember, they most likely are having the same feelings as you.

4. DEPENDABILITY - Too many times throughout the world, perfectly well-meaning people never carry through on their promises. We expect all our volunteers to show up every day with a glimmer in their eye and a song in their heart :)

5. HUMILITY - Our motto here at Hands Of Humanity is "The Life you Change May Be your Own". You will have a unique opportunity to see how little you know and how much you can learn from even the simplest person you encounter.  Some questions you may find answers to are:
- What knowledge and skills do the people in this community posess that I do not?
- What life experiences do they have that I do not?
- What obstacles have they had to overcome in their lives?
- What challenges do they face daily that I do not?
- What can I learn from them?